We offer comprehensive services to help you create the home of your dreams.

W ith a focus on sustainable, modern, practical, and livable space solutions, we collaborate closely with you to design a customized home that suits your needs, lifestyle, and budget. Whether you're building a new home or renovating your existing one, our team handles everything from planning to construction, ensuring deadlines, budgets, and quality standards are met. We provide expert guidance and assistance throughout the process, from site selection to final touches, using quality materials and innovative construction techniques. Your satisfaction is our priority as we deliver high-quality projects that surpass your expectations.


At Keystone Home Designs, we believe in designing contemporary residential homes that draw inspiration from diverse design styles. Our design philosophy emphasizes a collaborative process that involves our clients and takes into consideration their needs, budget, and the unique attributes of the building site to create visually stunning homes that also meet the functional needs of the end user. We are committed to creating timeless compositions that can be enjoyed by future generations. Our comprehensive design services cover everything from the conceptualization stage to the development of technical drawings.


Our 3D rendering services aim to provide clients with a clear and vivid understanding of their proposed designs by creating photorealistic visualizations. Our services include creating realistic 3D images of external spaces, such as residential buildings and landscapes, which are crucial in objectively assessing the future of an architectural project. Unlike traditional drawings and sketches, 3D renderings offer a more detailed and accurate representation of the design, enabling clients to better visualize and comprehend the layout and aesthetics of the project.


Our home design firm offers interior design services that cater to our clients' individual needs and preferences. Our team of experienced designers collaborates closely with our clients to understand their unique style and requirements, providing them with customized solutions that suit their taste and budget. We believe that the functionality and practicality of a space are just as important as its aesthetics, and we strive to create harmonious spaces that are both beautiful and functional. From concept development to project completion, our interior design services cover all aspects of the design process, ensuring that our clients' vision is realized to perfection.


We work on your behalf to ensure your plot lands meet relevant municipal planning policies; whether your plot could be considered a green-belt, conservation area, we have you covered. We prepare official plans and represent you in their reviews with the municipality.


We understand that navigating the building permit application process can be complex and time-consuming. That's why our team at Keystone Home Designs is here to help! Our services include the development of comprehensive plans, including concept, site, and community sustainability plans, to ensure your construction project meets all local building codes, zoning laws, and regulations related to public health and safety.


We will assist you in preparing and submitting detailed architectural plans and other relevant documents to the local government agency responsible for issuing building permits. We will work diligently to ensure that your plans are approved, and the permit is issued promptly, so that your construction or renovation project can proceed smoothly.


HVAC & Heat Loss/Gain calculations are critical in creating a comfortable indoor environment while minimizing energy waste and reducing operating costs. We are committed to ensuring that our architectural designs are perfectly aligned with mechanical systems to maximize energy efficiency and optimize performance. Our calculations for heat loss/gain include a number of factors such as walls, windows, doors, insulation levels, building orientation, and internal heat sources that are used to recommend the appropriate size and capacity of HVAC systems that are tailored to your home's unique needs.